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Thermal and Acoustical Insulation & Metal Fabrication
Mechanical insulation contracting has been the core service provided by Northern Industrial Insulation Contractors Inc. (Northern) since 1984. Installation of mechanical insulation often involves a variety of piping systems and sizes, all operating under differing conditions and in differing environments within the same facility.

Other insulated components often include: vessels, equipment, tanks, boilers, ductwork, precipitators, stacks, etc.
Northern utilizes an extensive selection of insulation products and cladding types designed to service thermal, cryogenic, acoustical and production purposes.

Our qualified insulation tradesmen install these materials to withstand the service demands of vibration, extreme temperatures and mechanical damage. Canadian weather and process design considerations are significant factors in the installation specifications for many projects.

Our qualified installation crews ensure that the finished product will endure fluctuating temperatures and variable seasonal conditions.

Our extensive project management and cost control systems are designed to provide accurate up-to-date reporting that is flexible enough to comply with virtually any client system.

Since 1984 Northern has performed thousands of mechanical insulation contracts which range in size from a few thousand dollars to multi-million dollar projects at petroleum or chemical plants.

service25 Northern’s skilled estimators and project managers, as well as experienced supervisory personnel, ensure that the mechanical insulation requirements are installed in a safe and cost effective manner.
Plant Maintenance
  • Insulation & Cladding
  • Removable Valve Covers & Boxes
  • Project Consulting
  • Asbestos Removal
  • Siding Removal & Installation
  • Tracing
  • Tank Roof Repairs
  • Metal Building Erection & Repair
  • Industrial Eavestroughs and Downspouts
  • Scaffolding
Plant Maintenance
  • Steam & Glycol Tracing Supply and Installation
Northern has an obvious familiarity with Western Canada’s industrial needs in harsh climates. Heat tracing systems not only serve to keep precious industrial pipe contents flowing at optimal temperatures but require the same attention to quality as the construction and insulation of the main pipeline in order to operate trouble-free.
Northern Industrial Insulation Contractors Inc. provides steam & glycol tracing supply and installation services.

Asbestos Removal

Northern Industrial Insulation Contractors Inc. (Northern) has a solid reputation as an innovative leader in the field of industrial asbestos abatement. Our long history of repeat clients is a testament to our continuing success and ongoing environmental responsibility.

Northern has extensive experience and insight in industrial asbestos abatement and has been performing this type of work since 1985.
We have successfully handled hundreds of industrial projects. Projects are always managed in a safe and cost efficient manner and can range from small spill cleanup and containment to multi-million dollar high risk asbestos removal projects in occupied facilities.

Industrial asbestos abatement services include asbestos removal, encapsulation, emergency response, as well as monitoring and testing. In addition, our experienced estimators and project managers can often analyze a particular project and suggest cost-effective alternative procedures that are safe, environmentally acceptable and meet our client’s requirements.

Northern has the expertise to remove asbestos from “hot” operating surfaces. This cost-effective procedure allows the owner to continue to operate the facility while the asbestos is being removed and substantially reduces costs associated with plant downtime.

All projects are performed utilizing trained personnel in accordance with the applicable provincial regulations and project specific procedures. Northern has a wide variety of industrial asbestos abatement equipment which guarantees all projects are completed in an environmentally correct manner and ensures the health and safety of all site personnel as well as our employees.

asbestos removal
Northern Industrial Insulation Contractors Inc. (Northern) provides a unique cladding service encompassing new and retrofit siding applications in the industrial sector. We specialize in large asbestos remediation projects involving siding replacement as well as various large storage tank systems.

Roofing and Cladding Systems include:

  • Steel; painted or galvanized
  • Aluminum; plain or painted
  • Fibreglass reinforced plastic
  • Urethane sandwich panels
  • JSM manufactured panels
Northern’s cladding division has a range of services and materials to meet all of our clients’ needs.
  • Full service and supply of scaffolding for the industrial and commercial job sites
  • Work platform access on equipment such as tanks, vessels, piping racks, and flare-stacks
  • We use scaffolding systems such as Ringscaff (system all-around), tube and clamp, and frame
  • We provide trained, skilled manpower for erecting, modifying, dismantling, and inspection of the scaffold product for the end user
  • Scaffold certifications accredited by the SIA (Scaffold Industry Association) with apprentice levels reaching Journeyman status